License agreement

Rules for Online Booking of Rooms (Services) at Accommodation Facilities Via the TravelLine Online Booking System


These rules (“Rules”) have been developed by TravelLine and shall apply during internet user’s (“User”) independent booking of rooms at Accommodation facilities through the TravelLine online booking system (“System”). By using the System, you confirm that you have read and understood the Rules and undertake to follow and observe them. If the User does not agree with any provision of the Rules, the User has no right to use the System.

The Rules may be changed without any special notification. A new version of the Rules shall enter into force upon its publication on the following webpage: and in the System TravelLine: Hotel. If the User does not agree with changes made in the Rules, the User must stop using the System.


TravelLine provides the User with a technical possibility to enter into an agreement for preliminary booking of rooms (services) with the selected Accommodation Facility.

TravelLine is not an agent of the Accommodation Facility selected by the User. TravelLine only provides technical assistance in reaching an agreement between the Accommodation Facility and the User on the terms of an agreement for preliminary booking.

TravelLine will not charge the User for using the System for the purpose of booking rooms (services) at the Accommodation Facility.

The User shall not resell rooms (services) booked via the System. The User shall not re-let the booked rooms to third parties at prices exceeding the System prices.

Agreement and Payment

a) The User and the Accommodation Facility enter into an agreement for preliminary booking of rooms (services) at the Accommodation Facility selected by the User when the booking is paid for. Any complaints in relation to and obligations under the rendered services shall be resolved and performed by the User and the selected Accommodation Facility.

The completed booking can be paid for by any of the methods offered in the System. Please note that the Accommodation Facility has the right to limit the choice of methods of payment.


The Accommodation Facility has the right to engage third parties in the process of payment for booking (agents, technical intermediaries), including those whose accounts are credited with the payment for the booking made by the User in the System. At the same time, the Accommodation Facility shall remain responsible to the User for the provision of booked rooms, rendering booked services and returning money.

• When the rooms/services are paid for with a bank card or electronic money through the System with the use of internet acquiring, the User shall enter the amount indicated by the Accommodation Facility in the booking form in the opening window of the payment system using the User’s own bank card or digital wallet. If the User partially pays for booked rooms (services) in the process of booking, the User shall pay the balance to the Accommodation Facility upon arrival.

If an internet acquiring system is used for receiving money, an electronic receipt for the amount paid through the internet acquiring system will be sent to the User to the e-mail address provided by the User in the process of booking.

• If the Bank Card Secured Booking payment method is used, the User shall enter bank card details into the respective fields. This information will be sent to the Accommodation Facility selected by the User via secure communication channels through a secure server in order to guarantee the booking. The Accommodation Facility decides on its own whether it will withdraw the funds from the account linked to the bank card in the amount of the booking price or block them. If the Accommodation Facility is unable to complete bank card transactions required to guarantee the order, the Accommodation Facility may cancel the User’s booking. It should be verified that the card has not expired and that there are sufficient funds in the account to pay for the order.

• In case of a wire transfer, the ordered services shall be prepaid in full. Some Accommodation Facilities may establish other amounts of advance payments. The amount of prepayment is notified in the course of booking. Wire transfer payments can be made by legal entities and individuals. The payment shall be completed within 3 business days after the receipt of an invoice for booked rooms (services). Some Accommodation Facilities restrict bookings of rooms by wire transfer payments, if such bookings are made within a few days (usually within 5 days) prior to the intended arrival date.

• In case of an on-the-spot payment for booked rooms (services), the User shall pay for the booking with cash upon arrival to the Accommodation Facility.

• In case of a deferred payment for booked rooms (services), the User receives an invoice for Accommodation Facility’s rooms (services) via e-mail upon the completion of the booking. A booking confirmation is not sent to the User at this stage. The User must pay for booked Accommodation Facility’s rooms (services) pursuant to prices and the time-limit indicated in the invoice. When the User pays the required amount on time, a booking confirmation will be sent to the User. If the User does not make the payment within the timeframes indicated in the invoice, the booking will be automatically cancelled.


The Accommodation Facility has the right to offer non-refundable tariffs. Under the terms of such non-refundable tariffs, if a booking is cancelled or a client does not arrive, the amount prepaid by the client (partially or in full) shall not be refunded and will remain in the possession of the Accommodation Facility as a penalty. We recommend you to carefully familiarize yourself with the terms of special offers prior to the completion of your booking.


The Accommodation Facility where the User booked rooms (services) and stayed will issue documents confirming the whole period of stay, including the period paid for with the use of internet acquiring or deferred payment.

b) The rooms are reserved during the booking. A booking confirmation will be displayed on the screen immediately after the completion of the order. It is recommended to print it out and save it. Moreover, the booking confirmation is also sent via e-mail to the address indicated by the User during the booking.

Modification of the Booking

The System’s technical functionality makes it possible to change the check-in or check-out dates, guest’s contact details or comments on the booking, and room category in a booking that has already been made and confirmed by the Accommodation Facility and which is paid for upon arrival. These parameters can be changed at your discretion only through the System by using the link contained in the booking confirmation sent to the User via e-mail during the booking.

Modification of the said parameters in bookings with other methods of payment and making other changes in bookings that have already been made and confirmed by the Accommodation Facility, including bookings paid for upon arrival, will not be possible.

By verifying the terms of cancellation of bookings beforehand, the User may cancel the existing booking and make a new booking with the required parameters through the System.

Cancellation of the Booking

a) In order to avoid confusion, bookings should be always cancelled through the System. It is important for cancellation of a booking that the message about such cancellation is delivered to the relevant Accommodation Facility on time, which is ensured by the System’s functionality. The booking can be cancelled only via the System by using the link and the cancellation code provided together with the booking confirmation sent to the User via e-mail during the booking. A booking cancellation notification is sent to the User after the cancellation of the order. If the User for any reason cannot cancel the booking with the use of the link and the booking cancellation code, we recommend the User to contact the booking department of the selected Accommodation Facility in order to cancel the booking.

b) If the electronic payment method is used, i.e. payment with a bank card or electronic money, the funds will be returned to the bank card or the digital wallet used for payment for the booking within the term set by the payment service. The time period between the refund transaction and the actual crediting of the User’s account with money depends on internal bank and payment system procedures.

If the booking is cancelled on time, the Accommodation facility has the right to collect additional service fees from the User for cancellation of a completed booking. The service fee for a booking is included in the price of the order and shall not be refunded if the booking is cancelled. The amount of the service fee depends on the selected payment method but cannot exceed 5% of the paid amount.

c) If the bank card secured booking is used, the Accommodation Facility returns the funds withdrawn from the account linked to the bank card. In case of cancellation of the booking, we recommend you to contact the Accommodation Facility to resolve the issue of refund by a convenient method.

d) In case of a deferred payment, the provider of deferred payment services will refund the money to the User. An employee of the provider of deferred payment services will contact the User in case of cancellation of the booking. The money less the fee charged by the provider of deferred payment services will be refunded by a convenient method.

e) In case of late cancellation of the booking or non-arrival, the Accommodation Facility may apply a penalty to the User.

Each Accommodation Facility establishes rules for late cancellations, particularly the timeframes and the amount of penalty, on its own. Booking terms and conditions, rules of applicable special offers and late cancellation terms indicated on the Accommodation Facility’s webpage, in the booking form and booking confirmation should be carefully read in the process of booking.

In case of early departure of the client, the Accommodation Facility has the right to apply penalties related to losses caused to the Accommodation Facility.

Information about the Accommodation Facility

The star rating of Accommodation facilities used worldwide indicates the level of service offered by the Accommodation Facility. TravelLine does not verify this information. The System classification of accommodation facilities as well as additional information, description of rooms (services) and their prices, location of the Accommodation Facility and other information are indicated in the System by Accommodation Facilities themselves. TravelLine shall not be liable for any incorrect information provided by Accommodation Facilities.

Room and Service Prices at the Accommodation Facility

a) All System prices are determined by Accommodation facilities and are valid for all bookings within the framework of the System according to parameters established by Accommodation facilities.

b) Bookings are made at prices valid during the intended stay period. Special price offers established by Accommodation facilities in the System are automatically taken into account in the course of booking. The Accommodation Facility guarantees that the prices for rooms and services shown in the System are binding for each booking.

c) All prices are valid for one room and the selected stay period, including services indicated in the room description that do not fall within the category of paid services. According to relevant internal rules the Accommodation Facility is bound to enter final prices for rooms and services, including taxes, to be displayed in the System. However, prices may be exclusive of certain taxes and levies established by local authorities.

d) All prices in the TravelLine online booking System are in rubles. At the same time, the booking form provides for the possibility to convert the shown prices into other currencies.

Protection of Information

a) Information entered by the User is sent to the Accommodation Facility in the volume that is necessary for booking rooms (services) at Accommodation facilities. Moreover, details entered by the User may be transferred to a third party. Such third party may contact the client via e-mail, for example, in order to receive feedback about the quality of service at the Accommodation Facility booked by the User. At the same time, when the User receives first e-mail from such third party, the User has the possibility to unsubscribe from further e-mails.

b) By agreeing to these Rules, the User gives the User’s consent for collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, transfer to the Accommodation Facility and third parties indicated in item “a” of paragraph 8, depersonalization and deletion (destruction) of the User’s personal data: surname, first name, patronymic, e-mail address, telephone number and citizenship. This personal data is requested in order to provide the ordered services to the Users or to answer User inquiries. This data is shown in booking confirmations, reporting and accounting documentation. Such details as e-mail address are used to receive reviews about the quality of service offered by the Accommodation Facility. The User gives this consent for the purpose of performance of any actions with personal data complying with Russian laws and aimed at achieving goals indicated in the user agreement, including online booking of the selected Accommodation Facility by the client, preparation of any reporting and accounting documentation, and receiving reviews about the quality of service at the booked Accommodation Facility.

If any advertisement and marketing materials are sent to the User, the User also receives the possibility to refuse to receive such materials in the future.


All information in the booking form is compiled with maximum care. However, mistakes and misprints are not excluded. All information relating to the Accommodation Facility (pictures, description of the Accommodation Facility, its rooms and offered services, prices, etc.) is entered by the Accommodation Facility itself. The Accommodation Facility is solely liable for any inaccurate information so provided.

The name “TravelLine” and the TravelLine logo are registered company’s trademarks. Other products and company names mentioned on the Accommodation Facility’s website or in the TravelLine online booking form can be trademarks of their owners.

The User uses the System at the User’s own risk. The System is provided to the User “as is”. TravelLine does not assume any liability, including liability for conformity of the System with the User’s goals.

TravelLine shall not be liable for any losses resulting from the use of the System by the User.

TravelLine’s liability in accordance with Article 15 of the Russian Civil Code is in any event limited to ten thousand (10,000) Russian rubles and is imposed only in case of TravelLine’s fault.

These Rules constitute an agreement between the User and TravelLine on the procedure of use of the System and supersede all earlier agreements between the User and TravelLine.

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